The Last Top 10: Things I learned my Freshman year


Photo by Tom for The Lafayette

Freshman year is practically over and I have survived. I’d like to thank my parents, the Academy and God for their unrelenting support. This year has been filled with many new experiences, both good and bad. I’ve loved it more than I can say. So as I sentimentally look back at these past months (and procrastinate studying for finals/packing up my room), I’ve chosen to compile a list of the top ten things I’ve learned my freshman year and here they are… I present to you the last Last Top Ten:

1. Lanyards are lame

2. 8 AM classes are arguably lamer

3. How to binge watch entire television series in condensed time periods

4. One could complete a senior thesis in the time it takes to wait for the grill at lower

5. Showering at home without shoes is a privilege

6. Regardless of the soul-crushing amount of snow your classes are only canceled at “the discretion of your professors.” Many professors apparently own snow shoes

7. Flag stealing is a terrible, terrible crime, potentially punishable by death

8. Amazon and Netflix accounts are time and money sucking monsters that I will love and defend to my dying day

9. Vineyard Vines/Patagonia/Flannel can be worn as camouflage

10. The year goes by so incredibly fast—make the most of it while you can