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Student government executive board election results

Results of the student government executive board elections broken down by percentage of votes received by candidates from participating voters. (Graph by Morgan Sturm ’19)

The election results for the student government executive board positions were announced Tuesday evening in an email. The Monday elections followed last week’s election of incoming student government president Fray Familia ‘20. Of the 11 remaining executive positions, the candidates for five positions ran unopposed.

The number of participating voters varied between positions, but ranged from 42% to 45% of the college’s 2,508-person student body, according to the election results. 

For the six positions for which there were two candidates each running, the winners were:

Jordan Avery ‘21 for Executive Secretary

Tergel Khatanbaatar ‘21 for Director of Academic Affairs

Syd Sabino ‘20 for Director of Athletic Affairs

Eduardo Rodriquez-Gomez ‘22 for Director of Equity and Inclusion

Randy Zhou ‘20 for Director of Greek Life Affairs

Victoria Puglia ‘21 for Director of Student Organizations

For the races in which candidates ran unopposed, Alisha Ghai ‘20 was elected for Vice President, Ross Coleman ‘22 for Treasurer, Gina Beviglia ‘22 for Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Richel Shea ‘22 for Director of Student Services and Kyle Blumenthal ‘21 for Director of Sustainability.

The two closest races were for executive secretary and director of student organizations. For executive secretary, Avery had 49% of votes, Victoria Puglia ‘21 had 42% of votes and 7% of participating voters abstained, according to the election results. 

For director of student organizations, Puglia had 45% of the vote, Curran Stockton ‘22 had 43% of the vote and 11% of voters abstained. According to the election results, Puglia won by 30 votes. Stockton was the incumbent for the position and Puglia was formerly a chair on the academic affairs committee.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Student Government race that close,” said current student government president Connor Burwell ‘19.

According to Burwell, “all the other [races] were pretty determinative.”

Sabino won 77% of votes for director of athletic affairs and Zhou won director of Greek Life with 65% of votes. Both were the incumbent.

“Knowing that I’ll be keeping this position just means there won’t be any slowing down this semester,” Zhou wrote in an email. “I want to take this year of experience and use my perspective to identify and assess what worked and what didn’t.”

Although elections have concluded, elected officers do not take office until the gavel-passing ceremony on May 2.

According to Burwell, each committee has three to five chairs and the chairs are chosen by the director of the committee. The new chairs will be selected by the incoming executive officers. Applications for committee chairs were due Wednesday.

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