The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Letter from the Editor


Dear Lafayette,

This week, I close out my second and final year as Editor-in-Chief. I feel lucky to have occupied the role for as long as I have. I’m proud of all that my staff and I have been able to accomplish.

Journalism can be a thankless endeavor, but The Lafayette staff has consistently reported with professionalism and uninhibited curiosity. During my two years leading the paper, we’ve worked to expand our coverage while keeping up with the changes that have been made to the college.

I am thankful that I got to be a reporter on the college during this time of change and of, at some times, resistance to that change. Some students at Lafayette have shown themselves to be adept at questioning the presumptions and decisions of those in leadership, both on campus and in society. I am thankful to have been on campus at the same time as them.

Other students, either consciously or unconsciously, are ignorant of much of what goes on on campus. Understandably immersed in their studies, perhaps they feel they simply don’t have the energy to expend on discovering what is going on with the college’s direction. Perhaps they feel that it isn’t worth it to find out, as many changes won’t take full effect until long after they’ve graduated.

I feel it is important for my fellow students to know that changes being made do matter to you. Not only are you the voice for a future generation of students, whose voices won’t be as effective once changes have long been made, but college can be a microcosm of society in which you learn how to voice your opinion. If you make it a habit not to question or even learn of the decisions those in power make in your community, you have done a disservice to yourself and your future self—becoming complacent with ignorance is always a mistake.

I will leave the paper this year along with managing editor Morgan Sturm ‘19, a careful, thoughtful and precise writer and editor whose organizational skills have been indispensable. Co-photo editor Jessica Furtado ‘19, who will also graduate, has an exquisite eye for photography which has shone through during her years with the paper. Business manager Jacob Cobleigh ’19, who has been integral in transforming the financial standing of the paper with his efficiency and reliability, will also be sorely missed as he graduates. Their presence on the staff, their sense of humor and their friendship have proven invaluable.

Next year, Claire Grunewald ‘20 will take over as Editor-in-Chief. She has been an excellent reporter and editor, and I couldn’t be more grateful to leave the paper in her capable hands. Rachel Bram ‘20 will take over as managing editor. Lindsey Quigley ’20 will take over as sole design director. Ben Fuller ‘21 will remain news editor, as will Lucie Lagodich ‘22 as his assistant. Mario Sanchez ‘21 and Katie Frost ‘22 will become co-editors of the arts and culture section. Andrew Hollander ‘21 will head the sports section, with AJ Traub ‘20 as assistant. Brandon Marin ‘22 will take over as photo editor, as Elle Cox ‘21 will go abroad. Kendall Rothfus ’22 will take over as business manager.

It has been an incredible privilege to work with the inquisitive, hilarious and multitalented staff of the paper for the last four years, and I’m so excited to see what they are able to accomplish in the future.


Kathryn Kelly


Updated 5/10/2019

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