Paper Playlist: Dear Lehigh,

Fuck You Bitch – Wheeler Walker Jr.

Fuck You – Cee Lo Green

Let’s Bash – The Lonely Island

It’s a Great Day to Whup Somebody’s Ass – Paul Thorn

Fight Me – Molly Brazy

Watch What Happens from Newsies

You’re Going Down – Sick Puppies

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race – Fall Out Boy

Sucker – The Jonas Brothers

I Think I Got You Beat from Shrek: The Musical

You Can’t Do That – The Beatles

We’re Gonna Win – Bryan Adams

Get Out and Stay Out from 9 to 5: The Musical

I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace

We Will Rock You – Queen

We’re Gonna Have a Party – Chuck Robertson

Go Fuck Yourself – Two Feet

Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC

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