Barge Problem: Fix the steps!

Over winter break, a hurricane strength storm swept through Easton washing out the steps leading down to the Lafayette arts campus. What now remains is a sheer 100 foot cliff with a ledge (that you can stand on) exactly half way down, i.e., 50 feet above the ground.

You find yourself at the top of this cliff and late for a film class down the hill (well, now down the cliff). You find in your bag 75 feet of rope and a knife.  (Typical things to shlep around of course). Knowing that there are anchors both at the top and on the ledge to which you can tie the rope, you safely find a way down the cliff and make it to class.

How did you do it?

(Assume that you only used your rope and knife and that no jumping was involved.)

Solutions can be emailed to professor Jonathan Bloom ([email protected]). Submissions are due by 6 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 8.