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Delta Gamma off probation after one year of sanctions

Delta Gamma president Maria Salmeron Melendez said the last year has been ‘transformational’ for the chapter. (Photo by Rachel Bram ’20)

The Epsilon Xi chapter of Delta Gamma (DG) was taken off probation this month, just one year after the sanctions were first imposed. The chapter was put on cease and desist following a hazing allegation in September of 2018 and was put on probation following a Public Safety investigation and a student conduct hearing.

In a letter delivered earlier this month, advisor to Fraternities and Sororities Daniel Ayala wrote that the Epsilon Xi chapter of DG had met the “Good Standing” requirements of the school, and that the organization met the requirements to “complete sanctions imposed in 2018 for violations of the Code of Conduct.”

Ayala confirmed in an email that Lafayette’s DG chapter’s probationary term officially ended on December 31.

At the time of the incident, Ayala said the organization was given the opportunity to accept or deny responsibility for the charges, and they chose to accept. Maria Salmeron Melendez ‘21, the current president of DG, said the point of the probation was to instill a cultural change in the organization. 

“This year has been very transformational for the chapter,” she said. “The culture change that was enacted was for the betterment of the whole chapter.”

“We did a lot of things to turn our chapter around and…I can genuinely say that I think our chapter now is extremely different than where it was a year ago,” former president of DG Anne Marie Mozrall ‘20 said. “I think we demonstrated that we deserve to be off [probation].”

During the probationary period, the organization was required to make regular reports to the school and track certain metrics related to their progress throughout the year. Salmeron said that she hoped this process continued to improve the chapter’s relationship with the college.

Both Salmeron and Mozrall said that the period was also a time of reflection for the chapter. In addition to getting accreditation with distinction, the highest level of accreditation from the college, Mozrall said the chapter has been focusing on community service. Salmeron also said that the probation was a good opportunity for the organization to bond within itself but also to continue expanding into the broader community. 

Mozrall noted that a year-long probation was “unheard of,” and that usually chapters are put on probation for three or more years.

Going forward, Mozrall said that there is “no intention of changing” back anything that was instituted during the probation period, and that the momentum they gained over the last year will do “nothing but continue.”

“As devastating as it was to be put on that status initially and to…have to face the consequences, I think in the long run it was a good thing, because we really turned a lot of things around,” Mozrall said.

Disclaimer: Editor-in-Chief Claire Grunewald ’20 is a member of Delta Gamma and did not contribute writing, reporting or editing to this article. 

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