Mojo Hill: Nutritious, Delicious & Wholesomely Sweet


Photo by Rachel Rubino ‘17

On Monday afternoon, I stopped by Mojo Hill for a post-workout pick-me-up. If you have not heard the buzz already, Mojo Hill is the new smoothie & coffee shop located adjacent to Cosmic Cup and Don Juan Mex Grill on March Street.

Upon entering the juicery, I was immediately impressed with its sleek interior. A plasma TV adorned the wall. The couches were plush and shiny. My favorite part about the shop, aesthetically, was its aroma. The place’s rich, sweet fragrance was reminiscent of a creamery. It brought me a sense of nostalgia for the dwindling summer.

My friends and I received prompt service from a friendly barista. I decided to order the “Green Mojito” juice upon her suggestion. The revitalizing drink contained fresh kale, cucumber, pear, and mint. I was content with my decision to eat healthy, and upon finishing my drink I felt full yet refreshed. The taste however, was bearable at best, but to be fair, I cannot stomach kale by itself. All things considered, however, Mojo Hill made the bitter vegetable drinkable! It was not the best thing I ever drank, but it was probably one of the healthiest. If you prefer nutritious options, then I would definitely recommend this drink. If you enjoy indulging in less hardcore yet healthful options, however, I would suggest the drinks my friends got.

Lila Silver ‘17 got the “Very Berry Mojo” smoothie. She surmised that it is a sweet delight for any fruit lover. Filled with mixed berries and Greek yogurt, the drink provides natural sugars perfect for a yummy energy burst. My other friend, Liz DiSabatino ’16, bought the “Breakfast Mojo” smoothie. It is made with peanut butter, banana, almond milk, and oatmeal. Her drink, packed with protein and fiber, was absolutely divine. It tasted like a rich Banana Peanut Butter Ben & Jerry’s icecream, but was completely healthy and all natural. The taste of her smoothie was by far my favorite–when I come back to Mojo Hill, I plan to order it.

I think the best part about Mojo Hill is that it provides a vast array of both healthy and decadent options. Not only do they sell drinks like smoothies and coffee, but also fresh sandwiches, salads, and desserts. I would definitely recommend checking the new shop out and giving it the business it deserves.