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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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Lower Farinon: Student’s Take


Students take on updates to Lower Farinon including food quality and service quality

On any given day at lunch or dinnertime last semester, Lower Farinon was filled with endless lines of irritated and rushed students. Therefore, many were eager to see Lower’s highly anticipated changes upon returning to campus this semester. From its physical features, the newly renovated dining location looks extremely enticing. However, disappointed would be an understatement to describe how students felt when hearing they could no longer use meal equivalency for muffins and candy (or even a water bottle). Here are some first impressions from Lafayette’s very own.

“Why do we need 50 pound bags of potatoes?” –Scott Bradley ‘16

“They had a lot of potential with Lower, but they really dropped the ball on it especially with the meal plans and how the options are so much more limited now. How you’re able to pay with them [the meal plans] is something that really needs to be improved upon because it’s just wasteful.” –Tessa Broholm ‘17

“I really like the new options, but I miss the sandwich bar and the crepes and the salads. I think people really liked Lower last year because it gave you more flexibility for meals and now it’s just something that is set, leading to people not getting what they want.” –Gregory Ly ‘16

“Bring back the buffalo chicken sandwich.” –Michael Keating ‘17

“I don’t understand why they have twenty different wing flavors, but they can’t make me a bacon, egg, and cheese anymore.” –Liza Fryman ‘16

“The changes to lower have not only lessened the desire to go, but have also increased the chaotic atmosphere of Upper. The recent renovations seem wasted, as many student are not even going to Lower because of the minimized options and changed meal plan rules.” –Candace Fields ‘17

“I feel like when I walk in I’ve entered a threatening space craft.” –Amelie Yeager ‘16

“Can I use a meal equivalency for an eggplant?” – Mimi Connell ‘14

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