A Shot of Yeager: First Words

Gooooooooooooood Morning Lafayette! Yes, I realize this is already a famous line from a movie and I myself did not actually “come up with it”. Don’t worry, proper credit will be given shortly. I discourage plagiarism as much as the next person, okay? Jeez, relax movie police.

Maybe it’s not such a big deal to other people, but this first column, these first lines, are pretty much everything to me. After all, these were to be my very first words, in my very first article, in my very first humor column. Talk about pressure. But really… is it abnormally hot in here? Is that just the funky mood lighting in Skillman basement or do the walls seem more constrict-y than usual? Oh my god, have I always had that weird freckle on my thumb? Okay—get it together Yeager.

You’re a professional.

Where I’m going with this plain and simple is that you guys are a tough crowd to please. I mean seriously—just how would I start things off on the right comedy note? Do I break the ice right off the bat and get things going with a penis joke? These were the type of haunting questions keeping me up at night as I wracked my brain for some form of humorous banter.. Was this frustrating? Yep. Did I feel like giving up at times? Possibly. Did this maddening writer’s block eventually cause me to enter extensive emotional therapy? Let’s not get into it right now. That’s more grounds for next week’s article, so stay tuned.

Suddenly though, one fine evening as I sat down with my parents and abnormally large cat (yup, I am very pro-feline—controversial, I know) to indulge in some quality TV time, it hit me while watching Dead Poet’s Society: when in comedy doubt, Robin Williams is always the answer. You see, like most people on this Earth, Robin Williams was a major hero of mine. His passing was not only heartbreaking, but also utterly shocking. How could someone so happy, funny and full of warmth have such struggle going on beneath the surface? Now, I know what you’re thinking: isn’t this supposed to be a humor column? Why’s this girl getting all emotional and dark? Just wait for it, friends…I’m about to drop some serious knowledge bombs up in here. Brace yo-selves.

At some point in our lives, we will all face obstacles and we will all experience hardships—this much is certain. Whether it’s an overwhelming amount of work, a downward spiraling relationship, health concerns, or simply the atrocious fact that it now costs $24 to flex a meal at Upper, there will always be things that attempt to bring us down. I chose to begin this journey with Robin Williams because in my opinion, he was simply the greatest. I can’t count the number of times he’s put a smile on my face, especially at times when I needed that extra push up the hill. So, this is my small way of giving back to him after he provided me with so many years of laughter.

Now, as for you Lafayette, I can’t promise that I’ll be nearly as funny or entertaining as the late and great RW (especially since I’ve already been named the next Tina Fey– a girl can only do so much, people). What I can promise is this: I will approach this column with the same amount of vigor and energy that Adrian Cronauer (Williams) does so perfectly and memorably in “Good Morning Vietnam.” And if that results in just one of you getting over your own personal hill that week, I know I’ll have made Robin proud. ‘Til next week, peeps. Yeager out.