Dress to impress: Bloomingdales fashion show comes to campus

Students are constantly told to “Dress for Success” in order make a lasting first impression on potential employers. They may spend hours in front of their mirror before an important interview, fearing the idea that a few items of clothing can determine their success. However, the definition of this common saying is dependent on the occasion. It is imperative for students to learn in which situations wearing a three-piece suit would make them stick out like a sore thumb, and where wearing a jeans would be innappropriate. Luckily, fashion representatives from Bloomingdale’s will be visiting Lafayette for a seminar that will help to define what the phrase truly implies in the world of careers.

Kate Migliano, the manager of the Bloomingdale’s department store at Short Hills Mall in Milburn, New Jersey and Caitlin McEwan ‘10, the Executive Development Program at Bloomingdale’s, will present the seminar. While at Lafayette, she majored in Political Science and Government. The event will aim to clarify what is truly meant by professional attire, and show students the difference between business formal and business casual.

In addition to teaching the basics, the seminar will provide examples on how to dress for specific occasions. Students will receive style advice for interviews, networking events, professional meetings, and career fairs will all be addressed. The event will also seek to show a variety of different office settings and wardrobe options for these environments. For example, a student working for an investment bank would dress differently than one interning for a creative advertising agency. The two fashion experts will have clothing pieces on hand in order to create an engaging presentation.

The Bloomingdales Fashion Show is on Wednesday, September 10 from 6 – 8 pm in the Wilson Room of the Pfenning Alumni Center. Pre-registration can be completed through Career Vault.