Timeout with…. Ellen Colbourne ‘18

Freshman Ellen Colbourne has been named Patriot League  rookie of the week two consecutive weeks.
Freshman Ellen Colbourne has been named Patriot League rookie of the week two consecutive weeks.

Photo by Hana Isihara ’17

Ellen Colbourne: I started playing when I was 5 years old. My granny played on the Canadian National team and my whole family played. It only made sense for me to play, and once I started I fell in love with it.

AN: What are the challenges that come with playing your position?

EC: This season I made the transition from forward to midfield. The main challenge has been learning the new position and adjusting my game accordingly. 

AN: Does your position require more passing or shooting?

EC: Midfield is a combination of both. Our job is to get the ball from the defenders and get it to the forwards.

AN: How has the team performed thus far?

EC: Right now we’re 4-2, which is great. We beat Boston College in our season opener and they were ranked No. 13 so that was a huge moment and accomplishment for us.

AN: Are there any changes that can be/are being made to maximize performance?

EC: We’re just working our hardest during practice so we can see results during the games. We train as if we are in game mode to stay on top mentally and physically. 

AN: Do you or the team have any quirky pre-game rituals?

EC: I don’t think so. Normally we just listen to music in the locker room.

AN: Favorite athlete and why?

EC: Luciana Aymar. She’s on the Argentinian Field Hockey and is consistently the best. She’s been a huge inspiration to me.

AN: What does training entail?

EC: During the offseason we have a workout package that consists of running and lifting. Additionally I play during the offseason and the team runs and lifts during the season to stay in shape. 

AN: Favorite Food?

EC: Fish tacos.

AN: Favorite TV Show?

EC: Grey’s Anatomy.

AN: Vacation or Staycation?

EC: Vacation. Hawaii, specifically O’ahu.

AN: What don’t people know about you?

EC: I’m Canadian and speak French, but I’m not from Quebec.