The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

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The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Lafayette Style Watch

Since 1869, Lafayette College’s chapter of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity has celebrated Bid Day. A tradition for fraternities worldwide, Bid Day is a time when brothers first extend the invitation to new men who will join the brotherhood. It became customary that the brothers dress formally for the event. Their business casual looks pay respect to their current members as well as the new members who will learn to respect this bond. This week’s installment of The Lafayette Style Watch features Jake Dunsmore in his dapper Bid Day attire right before he knocked on dorm room doors to welcome new brothers. Let’s take a look.

Jake Dunsmore ‘15

Photo by Aleni Mackarey ’17

Aleni Mackarey: What is your class year and major?
Jake Dunsmore: 2015, Film and Media Studies

AM: Where is your look from? 
JD: My shoes are Sperry…it was too hot for socks. Shirt is Ralph Lauren. Jacket and pants are J. Crew. Tie is the Phi Kappa Psi letters from the online store.

AM: What inspired your outfit for today?
JD: Today was Bid Day and I wanted to show the new brothers how important it is to me that they receive a bid. So I wanted to be impressive and make them feel more special.

AM: What was your attitude while sporting today’s outfit?
JD: I was quite nostalgic for the time when I received my bid two years ago and also very excited to be a part of welcoming the new class. So much positive energy going around the campus, even on a cloudy day.

AM: What was the inspiration behind your color combination?

JD: I’ve recently been enjoying mixing blues so navy pants I thought could be cool with the turquoisey shirt.

AM: To what sort of events could you wear this?
JD: This could be worn to any semi-formal event, meeting, party, or wedding.

AM: How might you transition this outfit from day to night?
JD: I’d leave the jacket and tie at home, and maybe roll up my sleeves.

AM: What is your favorite fashion trick/trip?
JD: I love wearing a long sleeve shirt, putting a button down over it, then rolling the long sleeves over the button down sleeves.

AM: Of the celebrity outfits you’ve seen, which is one of your favorite?
JD: All outfits of Beyoncè.

AM: Who taught you how to tie a tie?
JD: I can’t tie a tie. Yes, it›s very sad.

AM: Is this a comfortable outfit to wear?
JD: It’s ok. But on a hot day like today, I would love to be wearing a striped T-shirt and my orange corduroy shorts.

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