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We have now officially moved into the first week of Fall. Whether we are prepared for it or not, we must transition our cotton sundresses to chunky sweaters, and our dainty sandals to sturdy close-toed shoes. One option for putting a fashionable foot forward over these next few months is “the loafer.” Though we now envision loafers as the popular shoe made in several colors, patterns, and textures, they too had humble beginnings. In the 1930’s, Norwegian farmers created the first version of loafers as moccasin style slippers to be worn for leisure. It wasn’t until 1936, after the moccasins had finally journeyed across the pond, that G. H. Bass invented the penny loafer. Children sent off to school in these practical shoes would stick a penny in the leather strip in order to call home on the pay phone later that day. Since then, the loafer has been seen in snakeskin, calfskin, metallic pattern leather, and even with a large heel.
Today’s installment features Ashley Ellis in a pair of fashionable loafers. Let’s take a look.

Ashley Ellis ‘16

Photo by Aleni Mackarey ‘16


What is your class year and major?

I am a junior and a Math and Religious Studies double major.

Where is your look from?

My shirt is from Ann Taylor, my jeans are Levis, my loafers are Sperry, my watch is Michael Kors.

What inspired your shoe choice for today?

I was looking for a comfortable shoe, and it was a cooler day, so I was looking for a fall shoe that wasn’t a boot.

What was your attitude while sporting today’s loafers?

At first I was hesitant it was too early for such a dark, fall shoe but then they were so comfortable so I knew I made the right choice.

What was the inspiration behind the outfit you paired with your loafers?

Even though I was going for a fall shoe, summer wasn’t over so I wore the bright yellow shirt. Also, I was going for a put-together but laid-back look so I think the flow-y shirt and my favorite jeans really did that.

To what sorts of events or places might you wear loafers?

Loafers are a great going-to-class shoe but since they can be worn with so many things (jeans, dresses, skirts, etc.) they can also be worn in the evening.

What is your favorite outfit style to wear with loafers?

Personally, I really enjoy pairing my loafers with jeans. I love wearing a big sweater or a cardigan with jeans and finishing the outfit off with my loafers.

Is this a comfortable shoe to wear around campus?

Absolutely. They have great traction on the sole, the shape of the shoe is very natural and they’re just all around comfortable.

What are your favorite types of, or go-to, types of shoes?

My go-to shoes are my Sperry boat shoes, Jack Rogers sandals, Rainbows, moccasins, and a cute pair of boots. I also always have a pair of Converse, they can be worn at any time of day, with any outfit and are a great thing to have on hand.

When did you get your first pair of loafers?

My mom loves them too so probably before I even picked out my own shoes.

What is your favorite fashion trick/trip?

Put your socks over your jeans when wearing boots! It helps them stay tucked into the boot and makes the look neater.

Who is a fashion icon of yours? And why?

Lauren Conrad, Katie Holmes and Blake Lively. All three women have incredible daytime looks that are easy to imitate. They all have versatile senses of style that are in some way laid back, girly and preppy.

Photo by Aleni Mackarey ‘16
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