Letter to the Editor

This letter is in reference to the September 19 edition, where a student (when asked about the new Film and Media Studies building) was quoted as saying, “I am most looking forward to the opening of the TV study room because we will be able to study and work with green screen technology that has not been previously offered at Lafayette”. As Founder and President of Lafayette College Television, I am proud to say that the statement concerning green screen technology is no longer true, and that more than just green-screen technology is available to all students right now without having to go down to the bot- tom of College Hill or wait for the FAMS building to finish in the Spring 2016 semester. For those unfamiliar with LCTV, we are a student group that has been oper- ating for almost a year and are currently looking to fill a close-circuit TV channel the College has offered us with content— from talk shows to news shows to game shows, and everything in between. We operate out of the Conway Media Studio, in the back of the Conway House. Some of you may wonder how much can be done in the Conway Media Stu- dio as it relates to television production and broadcasting, and I am thrilled to say that over the summer LCTV was hard at work renovating the studio for student use as a one-stop-hub for the production process. There are more editing computers in the studio than ever before. A mixer was placed to streamline the edit- ing process while filming. Three-point lighting was installed to give the studio desk a professional feel. The most exciting asset Conway Me- dia Studio has is a background set that is built on wheels and is both extremely professional in design and adaptable for any situation. Want to shoot a regular news show? Use the main background of our set. Flip the set around and you can use the green screen. There is also a professional vanity mirror behind one of the movable set walls, which is great for talent.