Micro-internships provide new opportunities for summer work experience


Parker Dewey is an online platform that connects students, recent graduates and employers for short-term, paid work experiences. (Photo courtesy Lafayette website).

With summer jobs and internships being cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students have been left without a way to earn money or have a job experience during the summer months. However, new opportunities for remote, “micro-internships” may provide Lafayette students with an alternate for the upcoming summer months. 

Micro-internships typically range from five to forty hours of work, are paid, and can be done remotely. While the micro-internships do not span the entirety of the summer break, they provide a way for students to “demonstrate [their] skills, explore career paths, and develop [their] professional network,” and to be paid for the work that they do, according to the Gateway Career Center. 

These micro-internships are being organized through an organization called Parker Dewey. Parker Dewey is a platform for both “Career Launchers,” or college students and recent graduates looking for work, and employers to connect, so that companies can find students that have the skills to complete a particular project.

If Lafayette students are interested in applying for micro-internships, they can visit the Parker Dewey website and create an account. From there, students will be prompted to set up a profile detailing their work experience, education, and other information, and they will then be provided with an extensive list of micro-internships in a variety of fields that they have the opportunity to apply for, including work in marketing, business development, and competition analysis.

According to the Parker Dewey website,“the best [micro-internships] are mutually beneficial. Companies get work done that isn’t the best use of their time, while identifying and auditioning potential job candidates. Career Launchers demonstrate skills, gain experience, and explore career paths so they can find the right fit.” 

Micro-internships offered range across various disciplines and career paths, from finance and accounting to human resources. Students can visit the Parker Dewey website to view examples of the potential projects that a “Career Launcher” might complete, as well as the amount that they would likely be paid for that project.