The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Op-Ed: The Dr. Seuss debate should be about the kids, not the ‘cancel culture’

By Aidan Wood March 12, 2021

Last week, you probably heard about Dr. Seuss and cancel culture. On March 2, Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced they would halt publication of six titles. Pundits immediately launched into the cultural fray,...

Easton offers several great restaurants within walking distance of the college. (Photo courtesy of Brandon Marin 22)

Off the eaten path: a family weekend restaurant guide

By Aidan Wood October 25, 2019

If you are in town for the family weekend and wondering where to grab a bite to eat, look no further. Here are five quality and different options, some of which may not be the first to come up on Yelp,...

Easton and the surrounding area offer many exciting things to do in the summer months. (Photo by Brandon Marin 22)

Fun while there’s still sun: What to do in Easton before it gets cold

By Aidan Wood September 6, 2019

Easton and the surrounding area are full of exciting, outdoor opportunities in the warmer months. Here are four must-do activities before winter sets in:  Wy-Hit-Tuk Park Located along the Delaware...

The Public Safety building on Bushkill Drive is also the headquarters for Lafayette Facilities and Operations. (Photo by Brandon Marin 22)

New cleaning model will outsource custodial work for non-residential buildings

By Aidan Wood September 6, 2019

In an email to faculty and staff last Thursday, Vice President of Finance and Administration Roger Demareski announced the custodial services of non-residential buildings will be outsourced to CSI International...

Professor Hafsa Kanjwals article in the Washington Post covered the ongoing India-Kashmir conflict. (Photo Courtesy of Hafsa Kanjwal)

Professor Hafsa Kanjwal gives Kashmiris a voice in Washington Post op-ed

By Aidan Wood March 15, 2019

History professor Hafsa Kanjwal recently published an op-ed in The Washington Post. The article, “As India beats its war drums over Pulwama, its occupation of Kashmir is being ignored,” was spurred...

Biology professor Michael Butler discussed the garish animal world of his research in the Jones Faculty Lecture on Wednesday. (Photo by Elle Cox 21)

All the colors of the rainbow and beyond: Professor Michael Butler discusses research in Jones Lecture

By Aidan Wood March 1, 2019

“Green is in the eye of the beholder,” quipped biology professor Michael Butler, before going on to explain the true nature of color as a spectrum of photons. Butler celebrated gaining tenure by giving...

The proposed exterior of the Williams Center for the Arts in 1977. (Photo courtesy of F. Schonbach)

In 1983, Lafayette opened Williams Center as first central home for the arts

By Aidan Wood February 15, 2019

Before the college's downtown campus dedicated multiple buildings to provide a central hub for the arts, there was Williams Center for the Arts. It was the first primary location for the campus' art endeavors...

Some houses on McCartney Street, which will be the site of a new mixed-use dorm, will be demolished in mid-February.
(Photo by Kathryn Kelly 19)

Faculty to be more focused in expansion oversight as demolition on McCartney Street to begin this month

By Aidan Wood February 1, 2019

Walking past the site for the college's new four-story McCartney Street dorm in the coming weeks, students may notice the presence of fences as the area's transformation commences, and the family-style...

Performance Review: Percussion Ensemble delivers unique, exceptional performance

By Aidan Wood December 7, 2018

Thunderous booms and resounding crashes echoed out of Williams Center on Monday night as the Lafayette College Percussion Ensemble delivered yet another successful performance. Professor J. Larry Stockton,...

The Jazz Ensembles Wednesday performance was positively exhilarating. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Burke 16)

Jazz Ensemble delivers stunning performance, soloists showcase their talents

By Aidan Wood November 16, 2018

The Jazz Ensemble has once again delivered a marvelous jazz concert, filled with skilled soloists, delightful improvisation and overall providing a wonderful viewing experience. The ensemble was led by...

Han Schumans performance tomorrow will be an inclusive jazz history program. 
(Photo courtesy of Hollis Ashby)

Preview: Han Schuman reaches out to youth, hopes to impact lives through jazz

By Aidan Wood October 19, 2018

Han Schuman hopes to “foster a greater awareness, appreciation, and understanding of jazz music, particularly in young audiences.” Schuman is the founder, artistic director and current executive...

Steve Coleman and Five Elements will be performing at the Williams Center tonight at 8 p.m. (Photo courtesy of Hollis Ashby)

Jazz musician Steve Coleman talks on the influence of music, inspirations, style of performance

By Aidan Wood October 19, 2018

Steve Coleman is an alto saxophonist focused on improvisation and compositional technique in jazz. He was a recipient of the 2014 MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Award, awarded annually to twenty to...

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