The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Neha Vora is one of at least two tenured professors to leave the college this semester. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Communications)

‘You can’t help but feel underappreciated’: Tenured professor Neha Vora leaving Lafayette

By Emma Chen, News Editor May 5, 2023

After over 10 years teaching at Lafayette and recently receiving full professorship, professor of anthropology Neha Vora is leaving her position. Her contract ends June 30, after which she will move to...

Student Involvement plans to block employees from OurCampus voting.

Three non-students found to have cast ballots in Student Government elections

By Emma Chen, News Editor April 21, 2023

The Student Government Ad Hoc Committee to Study Elections recently found three instances of non-students voting in Student Government elections over the past four years. According to the Student Government...

The last change to the deans excuse policy came over four years ago.

New dean’s excuse form to standardize absence policy

By Andrew LaGreca, Contributing Writer April 21, 2023

On March 20, the Office of Advising launched a new way to request a dean's excuse: an online form located on the Advising website. Prior to this change, students were directed to email their class deans...

All the members of the Governance Committee declined to comment.

Silence surrounds faculty committee member resignation

By Emma Chen and Madeline Marriott April 21, 2023

A March letter that was circulated to department heads regarding concerns over a lack of transparency in the administration and issues in shared governance referenced the resignation-in-protest of history...

The Leopard for a Day program allows prospective, accepted and incoming students to shadow current students.

Leopard for a Day returns

By Andrew LaGreca, Contributing Writer April 21, 2023

The Office of Admissions relaunched the Leopard for a Day program on March 27, welcoming prospective, accepted and enrolled students to campus to experience a day in the life of a Lafayette student. Associate...

A program cannot be accredited if it has not had at least one graduating class.

Some integrative engineering students frustrated with accreditation process

By Selma O'Malley, Staff Writer April 14, 2023

While the majority of Lafayette College's majors are accredited, the integrative engineering program – as a fairly new major – does not count among them. Some students argue that the college could...

There was a much higher demand for college-owned, off-campus housing this year compared to last.

Increased housing demand leaves some seniors scrambling

By Emma Chen, News Editor April 7, 2023

Some rising seniors argue the college did not adequately communicate to them that all students who signed up for the off-campus housing lottery would not actually be guaranteed an off-campus house. After...

Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garcés spoke to students individually about sexism in her line of work. (Photo by Adam Atkinson for Lafayette College Communications)

Former UN General Assembly president speaks at Lafayette

By Maya Nylund, Staff Writer April 7, 2023

Last Tuesday evening, Lafayette College welcomed Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, the former president of the United Nations General Assembly, to the packed Kirby Hall of Civil Rights. Espinosa Garcés...

The Student Government office should reopen in two to four business days, once the clean up crew takes care of the blood.

Student Government Budget Committee beat to death: Happiness Club, SMAC to blame

By Wage Yap, Bell Bitch I March 31, 2023

Club budgets came out this past Friday and folks, it is not pretty. Student Government Budget Committee members were found dead, beaten to death by unhappy club executive boards. After a thoughtful...

Faculty expressed their frustration over the new dean positions, as well as other structural issues, in a letter to the administration.

Group of faculty air frustrations in letter to Hurd

By Emma Chen and Madeline Marriott March 10, 2023

Last week, all faculty department heads and program chairs, as well as certain administrators, received a letter drafted by 23 of their department head and program chair colleagues detailing the “State...

Mechanical engineering students often cite nature of materials as a weed-out class.

Do ‘weed-out’ courses exist at Lafayette?

By Selma O'Malley, Staff Writer March 10, 2023

There are few classes at Lafayette that invoke the same terror in STEM majors as organic chemistry. Known for its fast-paced and unfamiliar, challenging material, “OChem,” or “orgo,” is STEM’s...

Letter to the Editor

By Lily Dineen March 10, 2023

Walking away from the Naval Academy last weekend, the track and field team had eight top-10 performances and nine personal bests – a culmination of a full season’s work. Spirits were high after many...

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