The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

The Oldest College Newspaper in Pennsylvania

The Lafayette

Student Lifes party registration policy has faced student concerns since its introduction last year.

Party registration policy off to slow start

By Maya Nylund, Staff Writer February 3, 2023

It would appear that some students have failed to abide by the policy requiring that events with alcohol be registered with the college, a policy that went into effect on Oct. 1. Only 13 parties have thus...

Adamson enjoys working with metrics to improve sustainability. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College.)

Recent Sustainability hire, Melissa Adamson, talks background, goals

By Andrew LaGreca, Contributing Writer February 3, 2023

In November, the Office of Sustainability welcomed Melissa Adamson as the climate action and circularity manager, a new role on campus. Adamson, who worked in transportation planning for five years before...

Lafayette is one of the most expensive colleges in America. (Graphic by Elisabeth Seidel 26 for The Lafayette)

Lafayette among lowest in nation for Pell grant recipients

By Selma O’Malley, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

"The Chronicle of Higher Education," an independent media site for news about American colleges and universities, recently published an article ranking American colleges and universities by the percentage...

Each of the newly-endowed professors expressed gratitude for their named positions. (Photos courtesy of Lafayette College and Helena Silverstein)

Three professors awarded endowed chairs

By Emma Chen, News Editor January 27, 2023

Three professors have recently been awarded endowed chairs, transferring their income funding from tuition dollars to specific donor dollars. While full professorship is the highest professional achievement...

Atheeque wants to make the budget process easier to understand for student organizations. (Photo courtesy of Areeb Atheeque 25)

Areeb Atheeque ’25 named Student Government treasurer

By Maya Nylund, Staff Writer January 27, 2023

For the beginning of the spring semester, a new face has appeared on Student Government’s executive board: Areeb Atheeque ’25. Atheeque, who has served as a member of Student Government’s Budget...

Kaitlyn Hilley 23, a representative on Student Governments Sustainability Committee, has been at the forefront of Lafayettes sustainability initiatives. (Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Hilley 23)

Student Government passes composting resolution, calls for college accountability 

By Lauren Peterson, Contributing Writer December 9, 2022

Last Thursday, Student Government passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a composting program at Lafayette by fall 2023. This is one of the many steps toward the realization of the college's...

Jim Krivoski served the college in several roles before his 2018 retirement. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette Today)

Jim Krivoski returns to become interim vice president for Student Life

By Emma Chen, News Editor December 9, 2022

Jim Krivoski, who worked at Lafayette for around 30 years prior to his retirement in 2018, was tapped by President Nicole Hurd to serve as interim vice president for Student Life. Krivoski first joined...

Sam Bankman-Fried has become the face of the cryptocurrency meltdown in recent weeks. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

FTX collapse possibly affects college students

By Andreas Pelekis, Contributing Writer December 9, 2022

The cryptocurrency world has spiraled into chaos over the past couple of months, raising concerns among current and aspiring investors. After the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange company FTX, which...

The attorney representing Kyle Flanagans 22 said he hopes to resolve the case quickly. (Photo courtesy of Lafayette College Flickr)

Kyle Flanagan ’22 faces felony charges, pleads not guilty

By Emma Chen, News Editor December 2, 2022

Kyle Flanagan ‘22 was arraigned in a Suffolk County, N.Y. court on Nov. 21 on upgraded charges stemming from his August car accident. The crash — which killed one of the passengers, Brian Clinton,...

Portable labs, sent home to students during the pandemic, have become a permanent fixture of the engineering department. (Photo courtesy of Alexander Brown)

COVID-19 teaching changes continue to benefit Lafayette

By Remy Oktay, Contributing Writer December 2, 2022

When courses went online for over a year because of the pandemic, the Lafayette community, just like the rest of the world, grappled with a sudden change in how students were educated. Despite the numerous...

Lafayette’s chapter of the Food Recovery Network (FRN) has donated nearly 5,000 pounds of food, though FRN has not been operating for the past two years.

Dining hall food donation program dormant since 2020

By Selma O'Malley, Contributing Writer November 18, 2022

Lafayette Dining Services has historically donated food and meals to local aid organizations. However, due to a recent lack of partnerships with student-run organizations, these donations have been limited....

Many LEOs expressed their frustration that they have not been paid at the expected time.

LEOs unpaid for over a month

By Phoebe Goltra, Contributing Writer November 11, 2022

Members of the new LEO program, which launched on campus this fall and combined the previous roles of orientation leaders and PARDners, were supposed to receive a $535 payment on Oct. 14, but due to unspecified...

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