Small Business Review: After 10 years of business, Sweet Girlz Bakery continues to provide ‘perfectly crafted cupcakes’


Sweet Girlz Bakery, which celebrated their 10th anniversary last December, sells delicious and aesthetically pleasing cupcakes. (Photo courtesy of Sweet Girlz Bakery)

By Jefrey Alexander, Contributing Writer

On Dec. 20, 2021, Easton’s Sweet Girlz Bakery celebrated its 10th anniversary. Although most of the student body was away from campus during this milestone, I would still like to celebrate the contributions that this store offers to the community.

At first, I was rather dissatisfied by the slight inconvenience of walking off campus to Sweet Girlz Bakery’s location at 40 N 3rd St. However, my view of the store was quickly corrected. All ill will I had felt towards Sweet Girlz because of my slightly inconvenient walk dissipated as soon as I bit into their Oreo cookie crumble and peanut butter “Heaven” cupcake.

I am known for my propensity for melodrama. However, I kid you not when I say that this cupcake made me feel joy again. All of my problems seemed to fade away as the peanut butter filling of the chocolate cupcake melted inside of my mouth. The Oreos that adorned the icing on the cupcake never dared to make a mess, staying as a perfect decoration through each bite I took.

There are a lot more vulgar things I can say about what this cupcake made me feel, a lot of which the editor advised me not to include in this article. However, in order to understand what it feels like to bite into a perfectly crafted cupcake, I advise you to experience it yourself by visiting Sweet Girlz.

The commendable nature of Sweet Girlz does not end at the quality of its products. The customer service that this tiny store provided was enough to leave me walking out with a smile. I came into the store at 11:02 a.m., two minutes after they had opened. Regardless, all of the workers were jostling with energy. Each employee had a smile on their face as they decorated cupcakes and served the three customers that had already entered the store.

Since Sweet Girlz first opened on Dec. 20 of 2011, this small, local franchise has been more than just a baked goods store. Part of what makes Sweet Girlz feel special is the sense of community and family that they try to establish, both within their staff and customers.

I am not the biggest fan of most of the dining options that Easton has to offer. However, this Sweet Girlz cupcake made me see new colors, hear the words “I love you” from a loved one long gone and taste baked goods straight from the hand of God. I highly recommend all those with a sweet tooth to celebrate Sweet Girlz’s 10th anniversary with them by trying one of their cupcakes.