You’ll love these places a latte: The ultimate guide to downtown Easton coffee shops

By Bernadette Russo, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor

Downtown Easton is known for its rich history, local businesses and, as I recently discovered, coffee shops. I set out to visit four different coffee shops down the hill, each unique in their own way, to explore the magic of caffeine.

Terra Cafe 

Located right next to the Easton Public Market is Terra Cafe, a soulful coffee shop bursting with character. Upon walking in, you are surrounded by beautiful, bright green plants and hugged by natural sunlight shining through the open windows in the front of the cafe.

I was a bit intimidated to order, but not in a bad way. There is a multitude of customized chalkboard signs that name fun-flavored smoothies and sandwiches. How could I pick? A board that stood out to me was the one with coffee flavors. I had never seen a coffee shop with this selection, the funky flavors ranging from red velvet to lavender. 

I was recommended by a staff member to try the cookie dough iced coffee. The coffee tasted rich and sweet. After a good stir, I could actually make out the cookie dough taste; I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted coffee that actually tasted like the fun flavor it was meant to be. 

If you’re looking for some delicious coffee and a groovy atmosphere to get the creative juices flowing, Terra Cafe is a great place to visit during your next caffeine craving. 

ThreeBirds Coffee House 

ThreeBirds Coffee House is an old Victorian mansion turned coffee house, located right at the bottom of the hill. Built in 1862, the property was once owned by James Bull of the historic Bush & Bull department store in downtown Easton. Now, it is every coffee lover’s dream.

I was amazed when I first walked through the door of ThreeBirds into the entryway of a gothic mansion. There are chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, ornate picture frames and many seating options in beautifully decorated rooms. There’s also a live bird named Dorian that speaks to you, which topped off the whole experience.

I ordered a mocha, thanks to a recommendation by their kind staff members. It was the perfect combination of rich coffee and chocolate flavor. Sitting down and drinking it, I could really sense the atmosphere of ThreeBirds as one that pairs well with getting work done over a warm cup of coffee.

Quadrant Book Mart and Coffee House 

If you’re a book lover, then look no further than the Quadrant Book Mart and Coffee House. As the name suggests, it is a coffee house nested inside of a used bookstore. Lining the walls are thousands of books that span many genres, all up for purchase or for perusing over a cup of coffee. 

The Quadrant is a sit-down restaurant that serves breakfast and sandwiches to accompany the coffee. Jazzy tunes from artists like Ella Fitzgerald echo through the space to add to its charming, old-fashioned vibe. Besides books, the walls are adorned with vintage posters and collages. Though it’s still in Easton, the atmosphere made me feel like I was traveling back in time.

For my beverage, I tried their Peruvian light roast. It tasted of genuine quality, perfectly pairing with the quaint ambiance of the place. I also took a sip of my friend’s mochaccino and was met with light hints of chocolate over rich coffee. The Quadrant has it all: charm, character and good coffee.

Cake & Corolla Bakery 

For those with a sweet tooth, Cake & Corolla Bakery is a place where you can fulfill both your dessert and coffee cravings. Though located in close proximity to the Quadrant Book Mart and Coffee House, Cake & Corolla Bakery is a completely different experience. 

This place specializes in beautifully decorated and flavored cakes, either by the slice or whole, along with a variety of classic dessert treats. 

The best word I can use to describe this place is adorable. The staff members were all so sweet and enthusiastic about their bakery. This kind vibe was matched with feel-good music and comfortable couches. 

Though it is primarily a bakery, Cake & Corolla Bakery is a hidden gem for coffee. There really was nothing bad to say about the coffee; it tasted great and added to the coziness of the place. Don’t underestimate the power that a cup of coffee can have paired with a fresh slice of cake.